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Trail Rides, Events and Meetings / Trail clean up
« Last post by Rickell on June 13, 2017, 08:24:27 AM »
Join us Saturday June 24'th 9am behind Saratoga Nemer to clear and clean some trails. BBQ after
Trail Rides, Events and Meetings / Tri-County Marines Toys of Girls and Boys
« Last post by Rickell on June 04, 2017, 06:07:48 AM »
Bring an unwrapped toy and join us at Tin Teepee October 14'th to help us support the Tri-County Marines Toys for Girls and Boys and make sure our local kids have an awesome Christmas. This event is open to all Jeep clubs and individuals.

Registrations start at 9am and event runs through 3pm when we will hold the raffle.

Trail rides, raffle, vendors, BBQ, and good times with Jeep family
Each toy donation will earn you a raffle ticket

Entry to ride:
$25 for driver/vehical
$5 each passenger

BBQ extra

Camping available... contact Tin Teppee for more information (518) 494-5555

More info to follow

Vendor spots available.... let us know if you want to help
Trail Rides, Events and Meetings / Monthly Membership Meeting
« Last post by Rickell on June 02, 2017, 05:24:59 PM »
Come join us Thursday June 29'th at our monthly meeting. Eat some pizza. Have some icecream. Learn about our future rides and how to become a member. One lucky person will win an awesome jeep door prize.

Board of directors and Leadership team to meet at 6pm.

Southy's Pizzeria
75 Saratoga Ave
South Glens Falls 12803
Trail Rides, Events and Meetings / last minute Memorial Day ride
« Last post by Rickell on May 28, 2017, 08:36:36 AM »
Come join us Monday 29'th at 9:30 am for breakfast and a scenic tour through Bear Slides to remember our fallen soldiers. Fly your flags if you have one.
Mollie's Mason Jar
13 Park Avenue Ext, Hadley, New York 12835
Trail Rides, Events and Meetings / Re: 5/25/17 - Monthly Membership Meeting
« Last post by Smores04TJ on May 26, 2017, 12:05:21 PM »
05-25-17 Executive meeting minutes
Present: bill, russ, Chris and rickell, miguel, brad and Jenn, tim and carrie, tim, james
Open at 6:18 PM
Creating a forum calendar event
Screening new members using stop forum spam
use replay all to respond to emails
Possibility of creating an app, JK forum has an app, come up with a budget
Banners on site for 4wd, quadratec
A lawyer to review the Bilaws and liability waiver, 300 /hr, look it over, keep it under an hour, call her to ask what we need to gather and schedule a time to review, cutler Trainor and cutler llp in malta.
Tim: 501c3 to 501c7, contact ag office and make sure we have correct paperwork.
Nemer saratoga rekindle the relationship, proactive to cut trails for stock loops to allow sales guys to take new jeep owners on, cut more difficult trails further out, we have full access to the property. Lots of fallen trees and brush to clear out. Schedule a trail clean up event. Review the nemer saratoga waiver and plan a 101 event at the site.
Jess from jeep world is at nemer, discount for members or trail time.
Bill bobby and brad attended may Nea4wd meeting of all clubs, nice turn out, insurance update daily rider is 360$ per day for club rides trail rides rider. Taxes went in 1090n, acquiring brook ridge as an nea property, looking to acquire more properties. VT badlands ride in July is a new nea property. 2 new clubs got voted into nea. Goal is to develop a property and bring nea to NY.
Bobby seeking bank info
Harris mountain is looking to expand 100 acres, the family is doing well nea event the same weekend as our mettowee event.
Tim: logo similar to Offroad upfitters. Blue and green stickers, no wrong turns only new adventures around the Oval adkj sticker
James: shirts and swag? Down the sleeve, tee spring papyrus font Bradley: finalize logo and go through Vista print 18$ for 500.
Carrie has a contact for shirt printing and paper products
Bradley: door prize at each member meeting, local donations for recovery, first aid kits, minimal cost but giving back to members
Bill: bobby donated a winch to give away at a bigger event, quadratec support, local businesses, great idea for new members, thumbs up all around
Jenn: okay to post warren county spca ride on fb page
Brad, keep us informed about events to support our communities
Next event is June 18th at mettowee
Tim: birthdays on forum calendar? Russ to check that, and they are gone
Chris: sync Google calendar
7:08 close
Membership meeting minutes
7:31 open
Nea to acquire brook ridge property, bobby walked, brad and bill had a blast
Bobby, filled taxes finalized, 1670 cash, 165 dollar donation to harris mountain family
Jenn, April minutes need to be on the forum
Trail Rides, Events and Meetings / Re: 5/25/17 - Monthly Membership Meeting
« Last post by Mitoco on May 17, 2017, 08:43:49 AM »
I'll be there.  :)
Stuff for Sale / Re: 2004 landscape style trailer
« Last post by bluerocket on May 12, 2017, 03:17:55 PM »
Stuff for Sale / 2004 landscape style trailer
« Last post by bluerocket on May 11, 2017, 04:22:55 PM »
It is an 8k Landscape style trailer, I believe 74" inside rail to inside rail.  Springloaded full gate at the rear.    A couple nicks and dents as one would expect.
Brakes work but feel like they need adjusting, wheel bearings greased regularly but have a good quantity of miles on them at this point.   (2) spare bias ply tires, and (4) radial tires in near new condition on the trailer.
Diamondplate tongue box for straps etc. (4) Weld on DRINGS for vehicle tie down.   Hitch is the style you can swap, it is a ball currently, but you could buy and put on a pintle hitch if that is your thing.   It has good ground clearance and I have never bottomed it out on our trips.  I tow this trailer 5000+ miles a year and it has been great, tows nice and stable. 

Fits CJ, stock TJ etc, but wider tires etc would require modification.

Looking for $1250 OBO for it, clean NY title and registration. 

If you know someone who is interested please let me know.

Club News / 5/25/17 - Monthly Membership Meeting
« Last post by RussJr on May 09, 2017, 04:35:44 PM »
Trail Rides, Events and Meetings / 5/25/17 - Monthly Membership Meeting
« Last post by Rickell on May 05, 2017, 05:50:09 PM »
Thursday May 25th
6-7 pm for BOD and Leadership team
7-9 pm for everyone who wants to enjoy a good meal with good jeep people

Mulligans Pub and Restaurant
6 Round Lake Rd
Ballston Lake, NY 12019

Come join us at our monthly membership meeting. Learn how to become a part of our jeep family while enjoying some good food. We will be discussing future rides and events. Menu to be posted shortly.

Board of directors and leadership team to meet at 6pm

Hope to see you all there!!!
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