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29 Mar 2011 - Join ADKJ

If you're interested in becoming a member, just follow the steps below:

  • Fill out the Membership Application and print.
  • Bring signed application to the next club event (online applications are not being accepted at this time).

To become a Trial Member, you must:
  • attend a meeting (as part of the two event requirement)
  • your vehicle must meet the minimum requirements
  • pay dues (please see the by-laws!)
  • you must be sponsored by an ADKJ member

Need a sponsor? Join us at one of our many meet & greets and meetings!

As a Trial Member, you'll have greater forum access and limited forum rights unavailable to non-members, plus access to many trail rides. Also during this time you'll get to know the club better and we'll get to know you, too!

To become a Junior Member, you must:
  • attend a 4x4 101 class

As a Junior Member you'll get access and posting rights just as a full Member has! Plus you'll be invited to join us at most club functions. Our members get the assurance that you know what we expect from you on the trail in terms of safety and Treading Lightly.

To become a Member:
  • meet the requirements set forth above
  • attend a scheduled trail ride, preferably with your sponsor or a club officer. Volunteer time (trail cuts and cleanups, etc) will also be helpful (and possibly a future requirement).
  • get voted in by the BOD/Officers

Full Members get exclusive forum rights and access, freebies, private trail access, a weekend camping trip, discounts at participating businesses, an email address, voting rights, plus much more.

There's plenty of reasons to join Adirondack Jeeps! It can be a long process, but in the end we all benefit from it.

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