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29 Mar 2011 - Adirondack Jeeps By-Laws

Adirondack Jeeps Inc Official By Laws
Adopted and Published
June 27, 2012

Article 1- Name and Purpose
1.1   The name of this organization shall be “Adirondack Jeeps Inc.” (ADKJ).
1.2   The purpose of this organization shall be non-profit in character, providing    social, educational, and recreational activities for its membership,    participating in and supporting civic activities for the betterment of the    community, and promoting safe and sensible operation of our stock and    modified 4x4 vehicles, both on and off road.

Article 2 – Membership and Dues
2.1   Owners of all FULL SIZE 4x4 vehicles are eligible for membership in    Adirondack Jeeps Inc.
2.2   All members must be 18 years of age, must hold a valid driver’s license, and    must show minimum insurance coverage on their vehicle.
2.3   The steps to gain entry should be completed in this order.
1. Turn in a completed application, non-refundable dues, and signed/notarized club waiver.  This results in trial membership status.
2. Attend 1 club meeting, complete a 4x4 101 and a vehicle inspection with an official member of the 4x4 101 committee.
3. Attend a trail clean up day.
4. Volunteer at an official club event.
5. Find a sponsor who is a member in good standing within the organization.
6. Attend and participate in 1 club member trail ride with an official member of the 4x4 101 committee.
7. Final approval upon discretion of BOD with advisement from 4x4 101 committee.  Applicant must be accepted by two thirds majority.
2.4   Membership in this organization may be terminated or suspended without    refund of membership fees for the following reasons: littering, abuse of    others property, gaining membership under false pretense, dangerous    driving tactics, returning to the trail without consent, the use of illegal    substances and/or alcohol by anyone at the driving event,  poor    representation of the club outside of club events (DWI, illegal wheeling, etc),     or any other reason deemed necessary.  Any witness to the above should    immediately report it to a club officer or event leader.  Termination or    suspension of membership shall only be issued through the direction of the    President with support of all officers/BOD.
2.5   Dues for the organization shall be $50 dollars per year (may be adjusted by    BOD) due and payable on or before September 30th of each year.  Any    member who has not paid by this set date will be dropped from the rolls of    this organization.  Reinstatement shall be handled the same as a new    application.

Article 3-Member responsibilities
3.1   All members of this organization must be members in good standing and    must conduct themselves in a respectable, responsible and orderly fashion    whether in or out of club activities.  They must adhere to the direction of the    trail leader and also to the Tread Lightly principles at all times.  Travel and    recreate with minimal impact.  Respect the environment and the rights of    others.  Educate yourself – plan and prepare before you go.
3.2   Each driver must hold a valid driver’s license from any state.
3.3   All drivers participating in club rides and events must be current members in    good standing.
3.4   Each member is required to attend a minimum of 3 meetings per year,    participate/work in at least one club sanctioned event, and 1 trail clearing    day.  If a member does not meet this requirement at time of renewal it will be    up to the discretion of BOD whether said member renews as a full member or    at trial member status , requiring all steps of application process to be    followed. Each member of Adirondack Jeeps Inc automatically becomes a    member of North East Association of 4wd Clubs, Inc. (NEA4wd) upon    acceptance of membership and payment of full year dues.  Annual dues to    NEA4wd will be paid by Adirondack Jeeps Inc.
3.5   All personal expenses such as apparel, equipment, etc., shall be the    responsibility of each individual and not financed by the club.  Club uniforms,    raffle items, etc. shall be considered via the discretion of the BOD and voted    on by members of the club.
3.6   Upon leaving the club, members are required to remove their Adirondack    Jeeps windshield banner from their vehicle.

Article 4- Vehicle Equipment
4.1   All vehicles being used at club functions must carry adequate insurance    coverage.
4.2   The vehicles being used at club functions must carry a valid registration and   state inspection from the state the vehicle is registered in.
4.3   Proper restraints and use thereof are mandatory at all club functions and/or    trail rides.
4.4   All vehicles are subject to vehicle inspection prior to ride by trail leader.  It is    recommended you speak with an experienced club member about other    equipment recommended for off-road excursions.  Mandatory equipment on    all vehicles being used on all off-road excursions is as follows.
Closed tow point secured properly to the front of the vehicle.
Closed tow point secured properly to the rear of the vehicle.
Tow strap, 20 feet in length, in good condition and without metal hook ends.
Fire extinguisher in working condition.
First Aid kit.
Full size spare
Trash bag(for emergency leaks/trash)
4.5   Recommended equipment on all vehicles being used on all off-road    excursions is as follows.  
Working Citizen Band (CB) radio
Winch/Snatch Block/Tree saver
Small amount of tools
Zip ties/duck tape

Article 5 – Club Trails Rides and Events/ Code of Conduct
5.1   All events shall be subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.
5.2   All members, including the Elected Officers and BOD, are required to adhere    to the direction of the appointed TRAIL LEADER and appointed assistants    from the set time of the event to the termination of the event.  At no time    has any member or officer the right to demand an unscheduled stop or a    change of route or plan.  No provision is to be made to permit any member to    join an event at any location or time other than the location and time set    for the event if such provision causes any change of time, stop, delay,    or    change of route.  Anyone not present at the specified place and time of    departure will understand that they are on their own to join the caravan.
5.3   Any event held on private property will be subject to liability releases.
5.4   No non-member will be allowed to attend a club trail ride with their own    vehicle.
5.5   Trial members are only allowed to attend designated trail rides at the    discretion of the trail leader.  Driver experience and ability, vehicle    modifications and condition, and trail details/level will be considered before    a trial    member is allowed on trail ride.  
5.6   All vehicles shall be subject to inspection prior to trail ride.
5.7   No member or guest under the age of eighteen years will be permitted to    drive  in any event unless accompanied by a parent or guardian or with    written permission of parent or guardian.
5.8   Any member determined to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol at any    time of an event/trail ride is sufficient cause for the removal of  membership,    subject to decision of the President with support of officers and Board    of    Directors.
5.9   Any member of the club exhibiting behavior outlined in Article 2 Section 4 of    these bylaws shall be placed on probationary (Trial member) status for no    less than 3 months and will have to start the membership process over    again.  This probationary member will not be able to join a trail ride until    they again complete the steps outlined in Article 2 Section 3 of these bylaws.     Membership reinstatement will be upon vote of Board of Directors, at which    time membership will be reinstated, probationary status will continue or    membership will be stripped.
5.10   All members and guests participating in an event shall abide by the Motor    Vehicle Code of the State concerned and by the laws and regulations of the    city, county and state.  The welfare and reception of the club depends upon    the character it gains with the city, county, state, and federal authorities.  We    are not irresponsible drivers.  Any flagrant violation of the above is sufficient    cause for the removal of membership privileges, subject to a decision of    the President supported by the officers and Board of Directors
5.11   Rules/responsibilities for Trail Leader:
Select destination, place, time of departure and time of return.  
To create a forum thread on ride with description of trail,  set required/recommended modifications and sign up sheet.
Plan exact route, stops and lengths of stops en route.
It shall be the responsibility of the Trail Leader to appoint an alternate if it is impossible for him/her to make his/her designated run.
Failure to accept responsibility for your own trail rides three consecutive times without an acceptable excuse will result in that member being dropped from membership of the club.
It is the responsibility of the Trail Leader to place the vehicle order as he/she wants them at the beginning of the run and to specify which mutual support technique that will be used for the ride, as follows.
buddy system
each vehicle responsible for one behind
use of radio.
In the event of cancellation it is the responsibility of the Trail Leader to notify all members.
It is recommended that the vehicles keep a safe distance set by Trail Leader on and off the trail.
Except in case of emergency or equipment failure, if any vehicle drops out of the caravan, they understand that they are on their own.

Article 6-  Elections and Voting
6.1   Nominations for officer positions are accepted at a special October meeting    immediately following said meeting.  Nominations shall close and elections    held at a special November meeting.  The newly elected officers shall take    office on the first of January.
6.2   There shall be one vote cast per member (age 18 or older) in attendance    provided that member is in good standing with the organization.    Votes will    be by secret ballot however a sign off sheet will be required for each member    to initial.  All ballots must be counted and checked by three members other    than nominees.
6.3   An officer can be voted in by a majority rule of members present at the above    named time.
6.4   All members interested in holding an elective office within Adirondack Jeeps    must be nominated and seconded for such a position by members of good    standing.  
6.5   A prospective officer can decline nomination at any time however an existing    elected officer can only resign from office at end of the year or term, unless    otherwise accepted by the President.
6.6   In the event of an elected office vacancy, nominations shall be accepted at the    next scheduled meeting with voting at the following scheduled meeting.  

Article 7-  Elected Officers
7.1   The elected officers of this club are the Executive Council, and shall be in    ranking order:
Vice President
five (5)  Board of Directors.
7.2   Terms of office for officers will be two (2) years; President and Treasurer    terms begin in even years, Vice President and Secretary terms begin in odd    years.  Term of office for Board of Directors will be upon resignation of    position.  
7.3   All elected officers shall be volunteers and not receive any compensation as    part of that office.
7.4   Any officer and/or Board member not maintaining the attendance    requirement for a regular club meeting and attending four Executive Council    meetings in any twelve month period without valid excuse approved by the    Executive Council shall be relieved of their duties as an officer and/or Board    member.  

Article 8- Duties of office
8.1   In the event of a vacancy in any of the other executive offices the President    shall assume those duties until a successor is elected.  In the event of a    vacancy in the executive office of President, the Vice President shall assume    those duties until a successor is elected.
8.2   President.  
The President shall be the executive officer, and will prepare for and preside at all meetings that he/she can attend.  
The President will have the duty of carrying out the policies and decisions of the membership.  
The President will appoint committees as necessary.  
The President does not have voting power except in the event of a tie.  
8.3   Vice President.  
The Vice-President will assist the President and act on his/her behalf in his/her absence.  
The Vice-President shall be the public relations officer for the club.
The Vice- President shall also act as Trail Master; seeing that runs are properly planned and appointing trip Trail Leaders.  
8.4   Secretary.
The secretary is responsible for all minutes of club/officer meetings, maintaining club records including but not limited to liability waiver forms, membership forms and the by-laws of the organization.
The secretary is also responsible for any correspondence deemed necessary to notify all paid members of meetings and events.
8.5   Treasurer.
The treasurer shall receive all monies and be responsible for bank deposits and disbursement of funds as needed.
The treasurer shall also maintain records of the club relating to finance and membership and shall make records for the club available for inspection by auditors and club members.
8.6   Board of Directors.
The Board of Directors consists of the Executive Council and 5 elected members.  
Board members are responsible for the day to day business of the club, to take such actions that might best fulfill the aims of the organization, and to audit the books of the previous administration.
All five elected board officials are required to sit on at least one committee formed by the President.

Article 9- Meetings
9.1   General membership meetings shall be held bi-monthly or at the discretion    of the President.  Notification of time and location for general membership    meetings shall be given at least 14 days in advance.
9.2   Executive Council meetings will be held bi-monthly opposite general    membership meetings.
9.3   Special meetings will be held in October and November for nomination and    voting of officer positions.
9.4   Attendance will be recorded at each meeting.
9.5   Agendas will be prepared at least one week before meeting and posted on the    forum.  Minutes will be posted no later than one week after meeting.

Article 10-  Changes and/or amendments to the By-Laws
10.1   The by-laws may be changed or amended by a 2/3 majority vote of members    present at a designated meeting.
10.2   Proposed changes and amendments to the by-laws will be written by    committee and members shall be advised in writing of the specific proposed    change(s) and amendment(s) at least 14 days in advance of the scheduled    vote.

Article 11- Non – Profit Club
11.1   Adirondack Jeeps Inc. operates as a non-profit club.  No club members    individually or collectively shall receive compensation for promoting any    fund raising event or activities for the club.  

Article 12 – Expenditures
12.1   All expenditures not approved in the annual budget, must be approved by    majority vote of the membership present at a regularly scheduled general    meeting.
12.2   All emergency expenditures necessary or reasonable may be made by the    President or ranking officer in an emergency situation provided the    expenditure is recorded and brought to the attention of the membership    present at the next scheduled general meeting. The president may make    expenditures less than $100.  Anything more than $100 and less than $500    shall need board approval.  Anything over $500 must be approved by    majority vote of members at a regularly scheduled general meeting.
12.3   The budget for the ensuing year shall be prepared for recommendation to the    members by the Executive Committee prior to being voted upon at the first    meeting of the new year.
12.4   All costs incurred by club delegates to NEA4wd meetings, including travel    expenses, lodging, meals, etc., will be covered by the club upon receipt.

Article 13- Special provisions
13.1   The club officers and general membership shall not be personally liable for    any debt, liability, or obligation of the organization.  All entities extending    credit to , contracting with, or having any claim against ADKJ may look only    to the funds and property of ADKJ for payment of any debt, damages,    judgements, or decrees, or of any money that may otherwise become due or    payable to them from ADKJ.
13.2   All applicants to ADKJ will be required to provide proof of personal insurance    policy, regardless of state laws and requirements.
13.3   All applicants to ADKJ must sign a notarized Release of Liability agreement    upon joining the organization.  The agreement shall outline the following:
OHRV (Off Highway Recreational Vehicle) operation can be inherently dangerous and can result in bodily injury and/or death.
OHRV operation can cause irreparable damage to vehicle and person.
Upon acceptance of membership, the applicant agrees to take full responsibility for their actions.  If any personal injury or vehicle damage is incurred, the member and his/her personal representatives, next of kin, and/or heirs agree to indemnify and hold harmless all officers, general members, land owners, and event affiliates from any loss, liability, damage or cost.  The member also agrees to assist in any claims to the ADKJ insurance policy due to any damage they incur.  
13.4   Any guest participating in a ADKJ sponsored event, occupying a motor    vehicle as a passenger, or attending the event as a spectator, must agree to    sign and adhere to a Release of Liability provided by the organization’s    liability policy.  Failure to cooperate will disqualify them to participate    and/or spectate at the event.

Article 14- Adirondack Jeeps Inc. Forum
14.1   The Adirondack Jeeps Inc. Forum is set up as a means for the general public    and club members to interact and plan activities.  Because it is an open    forum, it is regarded as our primary introduction to prospective members    and sponsors.  Therefore, all activity will be closely monitored to ensure    our image is one of a “family friendly” club.
14.2   Club forum and club entity are one.  They will not be looked at separately.
14.3   Moderators, if any, will be selected by the Executive Council.
14.4   Racial and personal attacks will not be tolerated on the forum and will result    in a 3 month ban for the first offense.  A second offense will result in a    permanent ban from the forum and the loss of club member status with no    refund of dues.
14.5   All rides organized and promoted on our forum must adhere to the general    principles of Adirondack Jeeps Inc. regardless of club membership.

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